February 17, 2023

Studio Maternity Session

Maternity, Studio Work

This studio maternity session was a joy to capture... but would you believe that it almost didn't even happen?

This beautiful mama was actually very unsure about booking this maternity session, as she wasn't sure she even wanted to have professional maternity photos taken in the first place. In the end, she was super happy about her decision to go for it, but her hesitancy wasn't the only thing that stood in the way of making this happen!

Everything seemed to be going wrong for Michelle on the day of our shoot. The morning of, she went to a dry bar to have her hair done for the pictures, and even though she had set an appointment, there was no one there to take care of her. The front desk lady ended up doing her hair for her instead, and it did not turn out the way she had anticipated. Then, when she arrived at my studio, she realized she had forgotten the baby's breath flowers she wanted to use as a prop! She had to leave the studio, run to the store, and then come all the way back.

Regardless of all of these things the universe was sending to stand in our way, we made it happen, and the results were stunning. Studio maternity sessions allow the mama to be the complete star of the show with no distractions, as it should be. And as a sweet little nod to her wedding day, Michelle actually wore her wedding-getting-ready robe for some of the photos. So precious!