House Rules

Everything you need to know

Please read the following to get a better idea of how this journey will be for both you and I!

Start of the process

In order to book a photoshoot with me, you must first inquire through the Contact page. Once I receive your inquiry, I will send you my prices and a brochure with different packages that you can choose from. After you select the best package for you, we will schedule a 30 minute Zoom meeting or a Facetime call to talk about ideas, the mood for the shoot, date, and other details such as, hairstylists and make-up artists, which I highly recommend to all my clients. If you would like to meet in person, it is also possible. After we meet, I will help you finalize all the details for your shoot and send you my proposal along with the invoice and contract. You must then sign the contract and reserve your shoot with a $100 non-refundable deposit. Please keep in mind that you will need to pay a new deposit if you need to reschedule for any reason. Once the contract has been signed and your deposit has been sent, the fun begins! At this point we will start talking about ideas for your photoshoot and will create a Pinterest board with inspiration.

The week before the shoot

A week before your shoot, I will reach out to you to make sure you have everything you may need ready, such as outfits. I will also send you the address to my studio and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The day of the shoot

Please arrive on time. It will take us about 15-20 minutes to prepare and get everything ready for the shoot. Note that if you are more than 30 minutes late, the photoshoot will be canceled. The shoot will last for the length of time you chose and booked, however, if you wish to stay longer, you have the option to book another hour - as well as if you would like to do more outfits, you can book more time.

After the shoot

Once the shoot is complete, you will face the hardest part of our journey... waiting for your pictures!!! The turnaround time will be about one month and you will receive the number of pictures according to the package that you paid for. Once I send you the gallery, you will be able to download the pictures to your phone or computer. This is IMPORTANT - make sure you download the images, they will expire after one month on the gallery! You can then enjoy your photos that we created and use them as you please! It is always good etiquette to credit your photographer when posting the images to social media, and it is greatly appreciated!

Important information

Photo usage

I charge a non-usage fee for all and any client that prefers if I don't use images of them for my business. My top priority and purpose of my business is to deliver beautiful photos to my clients, in hopes of exceeding all of their expectations. However, I also use those photos in order to promote myself, show my work, and display the hard work that I put into my craft. In doing so, I am able to continuously book clients and make a living doing the thing I love most. That being said, I am aware and understand that you as a client, have value and can make the decision of not wanting me to publish our work together in my portfolio. If you decide you don't want them promoted on my page or in my portfolio, I ask that you are understanding of why I charge a compensation fee.

Cancellation/late policies

  • If you are more than 30 minutes late for our photoshoot, we will have to reschedule and you will lose the deposit fee you put down.
  • If you need to cancel your photoshoot or reschedule, I will need to be notified at least 72 hours in advance. Any cancellation made less than 72 hours before the shoot date will result in a cancellation fee (your deposit).

moments to remember

  • I NEVER send raw photos, it is nonnegotiable.
  • If you want extra photos you can choose to add them for an additional price.
  • The only way to SECURE a spot with me is to pay the deposit and sign the contract.