Hi everyone! Welcome to my photography website!

I’m Lena, an artistic photographer from Boston and a mom to a beautiful eight year old girl. I am originally from Mother Russia, but have been living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the past 11 years and am now living out my dream of being a studio photographer! 

Let’s backtrack though! In high school, photography was only a hobby until I realized I had a passion for it and decided to enroll in Photography School. Every day, after school, it was just me, my camera, and the art we were creating together. Soon enough, it became such a huge part of my life that not only did I decide I wanted to have my own studio, but I even got it tattooed on me! 

When I moved to the US, I knew what I wanted and my dreams were far too big to stop there. I had to work hard so I could have my own studio - I did everything to get as much experience as possible. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING; family shoots, birthday parties, and even some weddings. In the end, it paid off, I got my studio.

My studio was ready right as Covid hit and were placed on lockdown. Months were spent on self portraits and a lot of fun by myself in the studio. I even got to use the studio on a birthday photoshoot for my daughter! Because, I mean, what’s better than a photoshoot on your birthday when you’re on lockdown, right? 😅

So here we are now. I love my studio and am excited for the opportunities it has already and all it will bring in the future. Thank you for being here and I would love and be honored to create with you!

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