August 25, 2023

Maternity & Personal Branding


Alexa Nika, this beautiful mama and strong business owner of Moko Beauty Studio originally reached out to me for a studio maternity session. So we did just that, but we also decided to mix in some personal branding photos as well. That's one thing that's so great about studio sessions. They can be incredibly versatile, and you can repurpose the images for all sorts of things.

Alexa pretty much let me have full creative control over this session. We did a couple of different outfits and concepts, one to celebrate and highlight the soft beauty of motherhood, and the other to celebrate and highlight her strength and power as a woman and business owner, and most of the photos came out to be a wonderful combination of both concepts.

She was so incredibly excited about the final maternity photos, I got bombarded with "this is magical I AM SCREAMING" and "are you FREAKING KIDDING??" which are always such a joy to receive. She also had this to say about our session together:

"Show off that pregnant body you worked so hard for. I REFUSE to hide myself just because I’m pregnant. I’m proud of my body, and what it’s able to do and I’m here to say: do that photoshoot, wear that crop top. Also, a maternity shoot can be a full-blown branding shoot if you want it to be because guess what? WE ARE EVOLVING💁🏻‍♀️ When I first got pregnant of course I was over the moon excited! But I was also extremely nervous. I labeled myself a business owner/artist for so long and put my whole life (and savings LOL) into creating my dream. I was scared I’d have to choose between my career and being a mom. I had fear that I’d become “irrelevant” because I had to take a step back. With the end of this pregnancy in sight, I have a newfound mindset of my future and how I want it to look. We’re in control of that and I cannot wait to show this little girl that you can have both 🤍"

Check out this reel I created of this powerful and stunning mama.