February 20, 2023

Train Station Couple's Session

Outside of the Studio

This moody train station couple's session was a long time coming. A while back, Parshoota, a Russian singer posted a reel of her new song with another male singer, and the energy between the two really, really inspired me. You can see the reel I'm talking about here! As soon as I saw it, the idea of a romantic underground train station couple's session came to me and I wasn't able to get it out of my head. I ended up posting to my stories that I was looking for the perfect couple for a photoshoot idea I had. Lots of people ended up reaching out to me about it, but as soon as I saw this pair, I knew they were the ones.

We ended up finding a stop that was fairly empty, which was perfect! I loved the moody, mystifying, "only two people in the world" vibe these couple's photos ended up having. I love being in my studio of course, but getting out and going on adventures like this is always a nice breath of fresh air.

Check out this moody reel I created from this day.