February 10, 2023

Studio Couple's Session

This studio couple's session was the epitome of glamour and class! This pair came to me wanting to take professional photos together for the first time ever. That's right... they had never had a professional couple's shoot done before, and they figured it was about time.

When Tatiana first reached out to me, the pair had originally wanted either the Museum of Fine Arts or the Boston Library as their couple's session location. When we looked more into that as an option, though, it ended up not working out. So, the pair agreed on an in-studio couple's session instead (which I was so happy about!! My photography studio is my absolute favorite place.)

We wanted to go for glamorous, Hollywood star vibes so that's exactly what we did. The couple did an outfit change halfway through, which is always a good idea! Doing an outfit and/or scenery change is a great way to add more variety to your couple's photos (or really any type of session!)

Thank you so much to this wonderful pair for letting me have the honor of photographing your first-ever couple's session. To check out a little BTS reel I made of this studio couple's session, click here.