August 1, 2023

Photos of a Photographer

Studio Work

In case you didn't know, photographers are notorious for hating having their own pictures taken. Jessica was in the same boat as many other photographers (myself included), and she was dreading having to get the brand photos done that she was long overdue for. In her search for the perfect brand photographer, she stumbled across another brand session I shot of another photographer (that blog will be coming soon, so keep an eye out!) Jessica said in her inquiry that she fell in love with the rawness and realness I capture.

Safe to say, she came into my studio pretty nervous, and she pretty much expected to dislike all the photos that came out of the session. Well, she actually ended up loving them so much that even though the package she chose usually comes with 20 final images, she ended up choosing 50.

Scroll to the end of the blog to check out Jessica's first reaction to seeing her brand photos!

I also created this little reel of our session.